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Elite Spraying & Painting

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Elite level spraying and painting, for whatever need.

ICATS is a comprehensive structured training scheme for the registration, training and certification of industrial surface preparation and coating operatives. The scheme contains ICA, Industrial Coating Applicator, Specialist Sprayer and Specialist Blaster modules.

The face behind elite.

Founded by Jamil, a seasoned expert with a passion for excellence and a wealth of knowledge in the art of painting and spraying also known as Jam. With a background in sports, including a career as a boxer and a deep appreciation for the patience and precision of fishing, Jam brings a unique blend of discipline, dedication, and attention to detail to every project. With previous successful ownership of a renowned Green Skips, a leading skip hire company in Telford which he has sold, Jamil brings a wealth of experience and business acumen to the painting and spraying industry.

Professional Property painting

We provide a full property solution to cover all needs, this includes;


Ready to transform your space with the finest painting and spraying services in the UK? Get in touch with the team at Elite Spraying & Painting today to discuss your project needs and schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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